TechCrunch has written about a $4200 booth called the “Calm Booth.”

Calm Green Forest Side open door 4 1
The $4200 Calm Booth – Doesn’t turn you into Superman

You’re supposed to sit inside the cramped cube and meditate.

They write: “there are probably worse ways to spend that money.”

I think it’s safe to say this article is incorrect: there are no worse ways to spend your money than buying a Calm Booth.

Give away 42 $100 bills to random people. For the more hedonistic go to Vegas and blow it drinking and gambling. Spend a few days stoned in Amsterdam. Fly to Paris and hole up doing nothing but making love, eating baguettes, and watching Netflix. Hell – buying Softbank stock is probably a better use of money.

I literally can’t think of any worse way to spend your money than a Calm Booth. Silicon Valley is out of control.

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