Blue Ocean Strategy Substack: Examples, Explainers, Cases, & Thoughts

Liftoff Over the Blue Ocean

Here is a list in reverse chronological order of the articles in our substack blog, Blue Ocean Thinking. It’s filled with explainers, cases, thoughts, articles, and the occasion recipe related to blue ocean strategy.

Screenwriting & Startups: Similarities
Two Fields Separated At Birth

Financial Bubbles Blow
Innovate Something Read

Blue Ocean Example: Pastrami for Elvis
A Noncustomer Example

Ideas Alone Aren’t Innovations
Makers Make

Jeff Immelt Whines
His Legacy: GE Tossed From the Dow Jones Index After a Century

Featured Stupid Feature: Auto-Off Scales
A “Feature” So Bad People Pay to Get Rid of It

From Intel to Apple — Noncompetes are Bad Business
If You Can’t Keep Your Employees, You Don’t Deserve Them

Nintendo & Blue Ocean Strategy: Record Profits … Again
Oops, They Did It Again

Wikipedia: the Overlooked Monopoly
Yes, it’s Useful. It’s Also Arguably a Monopoly.

Oneida: The Victorian Free Love Commune that Changed the US
Free Love Communists Made Great Capitalists

Remembering Farmville, a Game that Changed It All
An Obit for Farmville

Leadership: INSEAD Professor Neil Bearden
Leadership Often Requires Radical Change

In Memory: Sir Harold Evans
The Greatest Business Writer Who Ever Lived

Worst Startup Advice Ever: “Always Be Kind & Supportive”
Watching Disasters is Neither Kind Nor Supportive

Bitcoin, Fruitcake, and Christmas Pudding
On the Importance of Being Open to New Ideas

Inspirational Entrepreneur: Bette Nesmith Graham
An Abandoned Single Mom, in the 1940s, Builds a Business Empire

Blue Ocean Example: Differentiation & Low Cost .. Plus a Bagel Recipe
How to Make Your French Bakery Stand Out? Make Something Different.

Business Model Study: Anova, Professional Tools on a Personal Budget
Blue Ocean Anova Brings Pro Tools to Home Cooks

Can Blockchain-Based ID Cleanup the Web?
A Global Authentication Service Could Vastly Improve Online Discourse

Paramount’s Direct to Streaming Pivot
Involuntarily Pushed Into a Potential Pool Blue Ocean of Noncustomers

Blue Ocean Strategy Basics – Buyer Utility Map
Finding Areas of Opportunity Where Others Aren’t

Blue Ocean Strategy Basics – Buyer Experience Cycle
A Simple Tool To Think Through Your Value Proposition

Blue Ocean Strategy Basics – Noncustomers
Not New Customers; Buyers You Never Thought About

Blue Ocean Strategy Basics – Breaking the Value/Cost Trade-Off
Spending more doesn’t always get more and, oftentimes, nets less

Blue Ocean Strategy Basics – Making Competition Irrelevant
Don’t Play a Rigged Game: Reinvent Your Own

Blue Ocean Strategy Basics – Value Innovation
A brief overview of value innovation, the core of blue ocean strategy.

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