Innovate to Blue Oceans

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“Hmmm – who wrote the 400+ micro-cases on this site and what did they learn that could help my business?” you’re thinking.

Actually, we went through almost 2,000 innovations to whittle it down to what’s here.

Our interest comes from personal experience. We started up and sold three businesses, worked in countless companies, launched products for others worth hundreds of millions, and studied thousands of innovations.

We know, from experience, what usually works and what’s always a waste of time. Innowiki is our attempt to study the foundation of innovation, to look for patterns. But it’s not raw academia: our interest comes from doing, not reading.

We’ve worked with Marvel, Wawa, GE, Google, Avery Dennison, the New York Federal Reserve, and countless other businesses we can’t list due to NDAs. Lots are in the Fortune 100 but there are also startups, small companies and internal innovation groups. We’ve done B2C, B2B, and also enterprise work.

Are people in your organization arguing there’s nothing that can be done? They’re wrong. We prefer challenges.

Blue ocean strategy is where it’s. Head-on competition is expensive, ineffective, frustrating, and unnecessary (the people spending a fortune on it will disagree with this).

We’re certified long-term practitioners of Blue Ocean Strategy. We’ve used the process since before the book was released. Besides applying it in real life we’ve also published multiple bestselling case studies about our work in Harvard Business Review.

Blue ocean strategy does not produce miracles. It will not transform potatoes into creatives or ensure success (some free advice: ignore anybody who makes these types of claims). However, with the right guide and an open mind, it will focus and elevate both your innate creativity and help explore paths you might otherwise not have thought of. Blue ocean strategy supersizes the creativity and energy normally left on the cutting-room floor.

We’ve worked in fields as diverse as structured finance to motion pictures and food and beverage. There are enterprise security systems, online dating sites, online and real-life casinos, late-night munchie restaurants, and game consoles.

We’re the only certified BOS’er we know of that worked with Nintendo when they developed the Wii (if there are others, Nintendo didn’t mention them back in the day). Nobody else talked to Marvel’s senior executives about their decade-long shift from bankruptcy to a $4.5 billion buyout.

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