Insulin keeps diabetics alive.

Banting and Best discovered insulin, winning them the Nobel Prize.

Banting stole most of the credit, but historians argue they co-discovered insulin together. They won the Nobel Prize together. Banting despised Best and the two never spoke again.

To continue his work, Banting received a lifetime annuity by the Canadian government. Best was a professor.

Eli Lilly & Co. commercialized and mass-produced insulin. However, the British Medical Research Council held the patent. Their goal was to prevent a monopoly on insulin that would drive up the price and harm diabetics.

The World Health Organization estimates about 8.5 percent of the people in the world over 18 have diabetes. In 2019, insulin costs are skyrocketing, especially in the United States. Insulin will be a $40 billion USD market by 2020.

“Do not enter upon research unless you cannot help it. Ask yourself the “why” of every statement that is made and think out your own answer. If through your thoughtful work you get a worthwhile idea, it will get you. The force of the conviction will compel you to forsake all and seek the relief of your mind in research work.”

Sir Frederick Banting

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